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  • What hours are you open?
    Beginning Saturday, November 18, until Sunday, December 17, 2023, our hours are as listed: ~ Main Farm ~ (open daily) November 18 - December 17, 2023 Daily 9 am-5 pm ~ North Pole at Valley Road ~ Friday-Sunday, November 24-26, 2023 Saturday-Sunday, December 2-3, 2023
  • What are your tree prices?
    Pricing: Trees are priced by the species and height. They range from $7.50 to $10.50 per ft up to 10 ft. Trees over 10 feet are individually priced. Our big trees, in Fraser and Canaan Fir, range up to 16 feet tall. Please visit the Tree Varieties & Pricing webpage for a downloadable 2020 price sheet. Also, we have fields that we will be clear cutting for planting in the spring. These fields will have value-priced trees starting at $20.00. We shake and bale all trees for FREE.
  • What forms of payment do you take?
    We accept cash, checks, and all major credit and debit cards.
  • Are you dog-friendly?
    We LOVE dogs of all breeds! For liability reasons, it is important that your pooch stay on a leash while at The Farms at Pine Tree Barn.
  • When can we tag our tree?
    Tree tagging is reserving your tree, and takes place Saturday and Sunday November 4 and 5, 2023. We will have tree tagging from the Main Farm Tree Barn on these two days.
  • When can we cut our tree?
    Please join us to cut your tree and prep it for the ride home beginning Saturday, November 18, 2023 at the Main Farm. We open the Tree Market at both locations on this day, the Friday after Thanksgiving. For FREE, we offer rides on the Pine Tree Express Caboose at the Main Farm and will take you to the Valley Road location on the Little Red Bus the weekends of November 24-26, and December 2-3, 2023. In 2023, we will close the Main Farm for the season on Sunday, December 17, at 5 p.m. Please note that our Valley Road location is only open weekends through December 12, 2021. This information is listed on our Hours webpage. Also, for insurance liability reasons, please keep in mind customers must be finished in the fields before dusk/dark at both locations, at 5pm sharp.
  • Can we just buy a tree?
    Yes! Fresh cut trees from our farms are displayed and sold inside the tree barn at the Main Farm and are also sold on Valley Road. Also pine roping, garland, wreaths, swags, boughs, and tree stands are available at both locations. Custom orders for wreaths, swags, garlands, and centerpieces are available. Please call owner, Rita Dush, in advance at (330) 466-1755.
  • What size trees do you have?
    Our trees range from 3 to 16 feet - we specialize in all tree sizes including BIG trees! Please contact us in plenty of time prior to Christmas to reserve a large tree. It is helpful to contact us from September - November for reservation of a large tree.
  • Do you offer BIG trees?
    Our BIG trees, Fraser and Canaan Firs, range up to 16 feet! Please contact us in plenty of time prior to Christmas to reserve a large tree. It is helpful to contact us from September - November for reservation of a large tree. To make an appointment by email contact,
  • What varieties of trees do you sell?
    We specialize in Fraser Firs and also offer Canaan Fir, Colorado Blue Spruce, and White Pine trees every year. We have BIG trees in both Fraser and Canaan Fir.
  • Do you have dug trees (roots on the tree) and landscape trees?
    Colorado Blue Spruce, Norway Spruce, and Canaan Fir trees are available with roots on the tree; 2-3 ft up to 6 ft trees. Potted and bagged/burlapped landscape trees are also available at grower-direct prices. For instance, decorate a gorgeous live Colorado Blue Spruce for Christmas, then plant it in your yard and watch it grow while savoring the wonderful memories of Christmases past.
  • Do you offer food and beverage on site?
    A simple light lunch is served on weekends in the Village Cafe at the Main Farm including Barn dogs, nachos, chips, hot and cold drinks, popcorn, and cookies. For a heartier, gourmet meal - head next door to The Granary restaurant at Pine Tree Barn. After lunch, enjoy shopping for the perfect gifts, ornaments, and other timeless Christmas decorations in their renowned store.
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